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A Few Weekend Things

It's Friday, kids. Here are a few things you might want to do this weekend. The exciting twist: for my own sanity in terms of organizing a truly overwhelming amount of info (and also because of my unhealthily intense level of devotion to hyper-local boosterism) for now this blog will focus on stuff going on in Albany proper. Thanks to,, and all of the folks out there who actually bother posting their events on Instagram.



- Alabama at the TU Center, 7:00

- Heavy Traffic / Dirt Church / Forever Autumn at Pauly's Hotel, 8:30 - Body Shine (dance party) at Fuze Box, 10:00 to late

- Useless Cans / Caramel Rose / Katie Hoffstater at The Low Beat, 8:00

- Obscure 80s Night at Pint Sized (DJ playing obscure 80s Vinyl) 8:00

- Honey Slider at The Savoy, 9:00

- The Bad Plus at The Egg, 8:00


- 90's Valentine's Dance Party at Fuze Box, 9:00

- Liily with Bad Mothers, at The Hollow, 9:00

- Hilltop / Glass Pony at Parish Public House, 8:00

- Multibird / Nicole Maher / A Boy And His Rats at Pauly's Hotel, 8:30

- Dj Mercury presents “Deep In The Trenches” underground hip hop concert series at The Low Beat, 8:00

Other Stuff


- The Patroons play the Mesquite Desert Dogs at The Armory, 7:00

- Mike Reiss: Writer, producer and show-runner of THE SIMPSONS at U ALbany Downtown Campus, 7:30

- Red Maple at Capital Rep: various times Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


- Meet a Sloth and More - Natural History Exposition at the ESP convention center, Saturday and Sunday Starting 10:00 A.M.

- High School Hockey at the TU Center, 4:00

- Laughs On Lark Presents: Poly-Theist at The Savoy, 8:00

- The Legacy of Duke Ellington at NYS Library, 7th floor Librarian's Room, 1:00


- The Harlem Globe Trotters at the TU Center, 3:00

- A Wedding Expo inspired by Nicole's Catering, the State Museum, 12:00-3:00

Tell Me How Badly I'm Doing

Know about something awesome that I missed? Think you could do a better job at this and want to contribute? Email me at or leave a comment below.


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