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A Few Weekend Things

Your humble Albablogger was struck down with an illness this week, so posting was light, but time marches on. Here are a few things you might want to do this weekend. The exciting twist: for my own sanity in terms of organizing a truly overwhelming amount of info (and also because of my unhealthily intense level of devotion to hyper-local boosterism) for now this blog will focus on stuff going on in Albany proper. Thanks to,, and all of the folks out there who actually bother posting their events on Instagram. Posting of events depends on my whims: recurring events may or may not be posted depending on how much other stuff is going on. Anything already sold out by noon on Friday won't be posted. Items in bold are taking place over multiple days. Happy weekend!



- Some guy named Elton John at the TU Center, 8:00

- Joe Russo's Almost Dead at The Palace, 8:00

- The Mountain Carol / pencildive / Pony in the Pancake at Pauly's Hotel, 8:30

- Exhumanity presents 'Villains Ball' at Fuze Box, 9:00 to late

- Skyfoot plays JGB at The Low Beat, 10:00

- Pass the Aux at Pint Sized, 8:00

- 1st Fridays w/Flying Rob & Friends at The Savoy, 6:00

- Rickie Lee Jones at The Egg, 8:00


- Mumford and Sons at The TU, 7:30

- Albany Hard Dance 'Wobble N Bang' at Fuze Box, 9:00

- Timbre Coup at The Hollow, 9:00

- Girl Blue/ Zan & the Winter Folk / Belle-Skinner at The Linda, 8:00

- D A R K T H O U G H T S / Postage / Mystery Girl / Scorpion Porch / Wet Specimens at Pauly's Hotel, 8:00

- Ike's Wasted World / Skull Bandit / Brother T at The Low Beat, 8:00


- Seven Spires / Screams of Hockomock / Toxoplasma at Pauly's Hotel, 7:30

Other Stuff


- First Friday Stuff all over town

- Maple and Vine at The Albany Barn, 7:30, various dates all week

- Genealogy Workshop and Rambling House at the Irish American Heritage Museum, 6:30

- The Creative Life: Susan Orlean at Recital Hall, Performing Arts Center, University at Albany, 8:00


- Hannaford Kidz Expo at the Empire State Plaza, 10:00 - 5:00

- Winter Art Fest at Albany Distilling Co., 2:00 - 7:00

- Art Lab at UAlbany Art Museum, 1:00

- A Friend of A Friend: Tales of The Underground Railroad at The Rep, 11:00 AM

- Garrow the Movie at The Egg, 8:00

- Jim Gaffigan at The Palace, 9:30

Tell Me How Badly I'm Doing

Know about something awesome that I missed? Think you could do a better job at this and want to contribute? Email me at or leave a comment below.


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