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Another Opportunity to Influence Clinton Square's Future is Coming Up Next Week

If you're passionate about Downtown, mark this down on your calendars: you'll have another chance to tell the city what you want to see happening with that 10 million for Clinton Square next Tuesday, February 5th, from 5:30 to 7:00 at the Palace. Your Humble Albablogger attended the last round of this, and it was a very interesting and lively discussion - you really did get the sense that the folks in charge of organizing everything are interested in the ways that locals actually engage with and move through the space, and lots of passionate local residents showed up to talk about their neighborhoods and what they do and don't want to see happening in them (one point of overwhelming consensus: everyone wants an affordable downtown grocery store). Do yourself and your community a favor and show up, even if it's just to listen and eat the free snacks. You'll walk away feeling like you know more about what's happening in the place where you live, and possibly with a few bags of chips in your purse.

In related news, the United Tenants of Albany is holding a Housing For All event at 5:30 tonight at 255 Orange Street, and Walkable Albany is meeting at 6:30 at the Washington Ave branch at the APL. Opportunities to influence what kind of city you live in are popping up all over!


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