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New Indian Restaurant Now Open Downtown: More to Come

The first restaurant in South Pearl's 50 South Eatery, an Indian-Pakistani food spot called BBQ Tonight Express, is now officially up and running. You can see a photo of a specials menu posted on the door in the slideshow above. According to the TU and my own creepy peeping through the windows to look at the signs that have gone up inside, BBQ Tonight Express will soon be joined by Trinbago (a Caribbean restaurant), a place called Wicked Wings and Things, and (most exciting for your humble Albablogger) a new outpost of Schenectady's Pho Queen (which, confusingly, is an excellent Thai place that doesn't serve any Vietnamese food). Three other as-yet-undisclosed restaurants may also be coming soon, and the bar space is still available. Albablog will keep you posted as the new spots open up.


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