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The Tromping Around Report #1: The First Entromper

Welcome to the Tromping Around Report, wherein you can read about stuff that we've noticed recently while tromping around Albany's physical and digital landscape.

Noticed this on a recent tromp down Broadway: this very cool old building is getting a face lift. Some quick internet sleuthing has told us that this is going to be four new apartments with commercial on the ground floor. Maybe a bookstore, like it used to be?

This beautiful old building, the Mayfair, has been vacant for about a decade. Last year a developer started to work on turning it into 36 apartments and ground-floor commercial space. This week, a sign went up announcing the name of the new apartments: it's going to be "The Lofts at Washington Park." Fancy!

The Steuben Street Market is moving one door down this spring because the owner of the market bought the building. John W. Emery referred to himself as "The Shoe Hustler of Albany" in the early 1900s, and would probably kill it on Insta today. It's nice to see another historic building getting fixed up, but can someone please put something cool in the soon-to-be-empty space next door?

While the owner of the Lionheart has been getting some press for wanting to add a nanobrewery to his second floor, a few doors down 3Fish has quietly applied for a liquor license. According to a member of the staff we talked to, they hope to be able to start serving wine soon and staying open for longer hours. That beautiful back garden seems like it would be a pretty ideal spot for a quiet drink this summer.


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