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The Tromping Around Report #2: Electric Trompaloo

Welcome to the Tromping Around Report, wherein you can read about stuff that we've noticed recently while tromping around Albany's physical and digital landscape.

Stuff Found in Real Life

This new cafe/gallery at 146 State street seems like the kind of place it might be nice to bring your mom for her birthday lunch. Based on a permit currently stuck in the window and my own wild speculation, what's holding up the opening seems to be the installation of a grease trap -- incidentally, that's the same thing holding up the reopening of the former Tierra Farms coffee shop on Madison.

Construction on 46 State Street, right next to Jack's, seems to be moving ahead. Say it with me, now: apartments above, retail below. This company seems to previously have opened and then fairly quickly closed a couple of businesses on Pearl, but maybe this new one will stick.

Stuff Found On The Internet

- A new local company called Send Me Waffles is preparing to ... send you waffles. Based on what I can ascertain from their social media they're graduates of the Capital Region Chamber's entrepreneur boot camp, they just acquired some kitchen space, and their aim is to send Belgian liege waffles in the mail starting some time early this year. "Breakfast foods by post" is definitely a new concept to this Albablogger, but their enthusiasm is pretty contagious.

- The Lincoln Park Pool is staying open this summer, and staying a bowl. Also, there will be WiFi, so you can more efficiently Insta shots of your hotdog legs as you lounge.

- Speaking of Insta, local wedding florist and Instagram maven Olive and June Floral Co. is opening up a studio/gift shop in a small space on Madison Ave., and plans to be open for retail business starting on February 1st.

Noticed anything new on your own recent physical or digital tromps around Albany? Have a small business you want to tell the world about, or a weird new art project you want eyeballs on, or just feel like talking to someone who really, truly cares? Comment below, or email me at


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