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The Tromping Around Report #3: Sunshine and Lollipops Edition

We're having a temporary spring here in Albany. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the cold brew is flowing and the bloggers are tromping. Here are a few quick things happening around town that you might not have noticed yet.

A New Brew

209 Lark Street, the former home of Pint Sized (back when it was called "brew" and served coffee), has had its windows papered over, and there's some hammering, drilling etc. going on inside. No indication as to what this is going to be. If you know what's going on here, please comment or email me!

A Nanobrew

The owner of the Lionheart Pub, Jerry Aumand, told the Albany Business Review a while back that he hoped to start construction on his new nanobrewery/restaurant extension in February and keep up a brisk enough construction pace to have the whole new section open within six months of the start of construction. So far he seems to be keeping to his schedule: these workers seemed to have already made some progress on February 2nd.

Redburn is at it Again

According to the Albany Business Review, Redburn Development has closed on two more historic buildings downtown. Their newest acquisitions are 39 and 55 Columbia Street. They're also apparently working on buying yet another building on North Pearl. Your humble Albablogger reached out to Redburn last week to ask if they could provide any hints as to their plans for how they're going to remake our downtown, but, alas, I haven't received a response.

Merry Monk Promoted to Bishop

More good news for downtown: Steve Barnes at the TU is reporting that the former Merry Monk is going to be transformed into a new bar by a group of extremely experienced local bartenders and bar managers. In keeping with the clerical theme, the new place will be a "bourbon and beef bar" with a "library" vibe, called The Bishop. They hope to open in April.

As always, if you know about anything interesting happening in Albany that you think I should be posting about, comment below or email me:


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