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The Tromping Around Report #4: Tromp Shaped Box Edition

Well, we made it: Valentine's day is over, but the tromp never stops. Here are a few things we've noticed recently around Albany.

A Drink on Madison

The location that used to be home to a Cafe/lounge called Madison Station is now being renovated. The posted hours (4 PM to 2 AM) make it look like this is probably going to be a new bar.

Commercial Gut on Clinton

Right down the street from all of the beautiful residential rehabs happening on Clinton, someone is fixing up a commercial storefront.

A Food Court on Pearl

Well this is exciting: the food court on South Pearl that was supposed to have opened six months ago and then vanished into a vortex of we will never speak of this again is, apparently, still going forward. This slick-looking new sign has appeared, indicating that Albany's very own fancy food court is still go.

A Pint-Sized Rumor

Along with the news that the Pint Sized guys are creating a new wine bar on Lark, we have a small rumor to share: the former Brew space that's currently being renovated might be becoming a game store.

A Smash Historic on the Fury Road

Clever: Stress Fracture NY has created a "mobile stress relief experience" where they'll come to you and set up a room full of stuff for you to smash.


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