The Tromping Around Report #5: Lark Treat Edition

In my last Tromping Around Report I mentioned that Lark Street is getting a new massage place. Here are a few other bits of Lark Street news, along with some other fun stuff I've noticed recently in Albany.

288 Lark Wine and Tap is On The Way

Remember how a guy bought the former DeJohn's building at 288 Lark, decided to turn it into a wine bar, then decided to lease it to someone else to turn it into a wine bar, then disappeared in a puff of renovation? It turns out there was stuff going on behind the scenes this whole time, because currently runneth over with job postings for waiters, bartenders, managers, and a sous chef (who knows how to make Italian food) for a restaurant called 288 Lark Wine and Tap.

Some Fellow Named Frajee

I've never met Frajee, but anyone who brings a grill is welcome to be my neighbor.

A Candy Conundrum

A while ago I reported a rumor that the former Brew on Lark Street might be turning into a game shop. Now, however, new information has caused me to question everything: a company called Dominic's Caramella Shop is now registered to the address. Occam's razor suggests that we're getting a candy shop, but who knows: it could also be an extremely misleadingly named hardware store.

I Peeked Through a Food Court Window For You

I act like a loon so you don't have to, my friends. If you've been wondering whether anything is going actually on inside of 50 South Eatery (the in-endless-development food court across from the TU center), the answer is yes: Trinbago is setting up shop inside, along with a stall called "Wings & Things." I'll plaster my face against the glass again the next time I'm in the neighborhood and report back on any further developments.

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